Log buildings can be any shape or size, from a 300 sq. ft. cabin to a 5000+ sq. ft. home. Usually log homes are people’s dream homes and as much as people are different, so are their ideas of what a dream home should be. We do have a number of plans in our inventory, but it seems we never build two homes the same.

¬†Whether it’s a full scribe stacked log, a log post & beam, log accents, timber frame or any combination, Roundwood is capable of fulfilling your needs. With today’s technology, log projects have evolved from the old log cabin perception into architectural dream homes. Imagine large, bright, open spaces and features that can only be captured with owners ideas, large log beams and a professional home builder like Roundwood Log Homes.

101_0185.jpgWith the principal material of log homes being that of logs, formerly trees, a good deal of attention is directed towards obtaining Roundwood’s log inventory. Roundwood will use whichever species a customer prefers and likes to work with customers to make sure they get the most suitable wood species for their project & budget. Log diameter is another important part of the outcome of the finished bulding and Roundwood is careful to choose a species and size that will compliment the finished project.

Roundwood is also very careful to only use renewable timber and all our loggers practice stringent forest practices.

Although the majority of our work is the construction of log buildings, we also do custom stairs, rails, accents, timber frames, gazebos and some project management.

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Stairs and rails.