Full Scribed Stack Home


Full scribed stacked log are what most people relate to as a log shell. There are solid logs on all exterior walls and can have some interior divider walls also in solid log. Most people however choose to go with some framed interior walls for the ease of plumbing and wiring. If the plan includes a loft, usually the joists for the loft are also log. A log roof support system including ridgepole, purlons, on occasion log trusses and if required, exposed log or timber rafters can all be included in a full log package.


Log post and beam is becoming a popular style of building. It can be done with different degrees of log involvement. Many people get post and beam and timber frame mixed up. The main difference is that timber frames stand inside the walls usually made of structual insulated panels, and timber frames are always of squared timber. Post & Beam structures can be of log or timbers, but the walls are built between the posts and with a post and beam building the support beams and posts are much larger in diameter, and are enjoyed from the outside as well as the inside. Post and Beam structures are highly versatile and variable, the infills between posts can be of structural panels or conventional framing and can be finished in a multitude of ways. The exteriors are commonly finished in stucco, hardy plank, stone veneer, board & baton, or you can have log siding or piece on piece log infills, if chosen. The interiors can be of different materials as well and even from room to room, or wall to wall the surface of the interior walls between the upright posts and horizontal beams can change. Usually drywall or plaster make up the majority of the interior surfaces because they can be painted any color and are easily repainted a different color years down the road when as change is in order. As are full log packages, post and beam can include all the same roofing choices and log joints when a loft is in the plans.


Log or timber accents are also becoming a popular product, especially for people who are renovating and want that extra accent on their home. These projects vary in size and style and can be designed into a new or existing building with ease. On a remodel job customers are restricted on how much they can add to their project because of practicality and how much they want to take down to facilitate a log accent. Things like interior trusses are hard to add to an existing structure. It is however surprising how easy it is to apply a non structural timber or log truss to an exterior dormer. Log corner posts, beams, window framings and roof support beams are usually quite easy to instal onto an existing building. If you’re building new, the possibilities are endless with what you can do with a log or timber accent package. Anything from log joists for loft, ridgepole and purloin, structural log trusses, stairs, rails, posts and beams are all quite simple to include in your new house plans.


With a timber frame building the frame is usually of a smaller diameter beam cut on all four sides and finished. It is either planed, brushed or rough sawed. With a timber frame, the frame structure is visible from the inside only except for some roof members being exposed to the outside of the building.