Drafting and Design

There is something about a well designed, custom built log home that can not be duplicated with any other form of construction. The majestic appearance, the solid feeling of being inside 16 inches of solid wood walls, the acoustical properties, the psychological effect that the natural properties of wood has on one’s being, the warmth in winter and cool in summer. Or maybe you just like the fact that log homes are documented as being built 1300 years ago and are still standing and in usable state.

From the level of insulation properties to  how the logs and timbers are joined, the importance of overhangs, and general appearance the owners are after.  Roundwood Log Homes and its drafting + designers, consider every aspect while designing and drawing a custom log or timber project.

Design is as important in log homes as it is in any form of construction, however, one of the things which makes log homes so attractive is the endless ways in which they can be finished to reflect the owner’s needs and personality. With all the newest building materials, trim details and wood treatments available today, it is easy to put the personalized touches on your dream home.

Although Roundwood Log Homes does not directly employ a draftsperson on the premises, we do have several qualified people that we work with on a regular basis, and they are available upon request.